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Bob Smith - Bob The Crate Smith

Bob Smith
I have been djing for over 30 years, gigs include Brighton Jazz rooms All Star, Blackpool and Birmingham Luxury Soul Weekenders, Blackpool Tower Weekender, Morcombe Weekender and various gigs across the country. Regular Guest DJ on Sunday Soul Selection on Solar for last four years. Regular buying Trips to the states, and see below the press release for the shop I opened at the weekend. I also dj at True Soul in London, and locally around the south coast and in Europe. Join Bob last Sundays of the month, 22:00 - Midnight.

Bob Jeffries - Suite Soul

Bob Jeffries
Bob Jeffries has been playing music to appreciative audiences for over 40 years. His taste ranges from soul, soulful house & jazz to disco and everything in between. Bob continues to play all over the UK and has featured at Suncebeat (Croatia), Ibiza Soul week and Vocal Booth (Alicante). Bob played at all the Southport Weekenders alongside the Luxury Soul Weekenders and the Blackpool International Soul Weekend. Suite Soul was established in 2005 by Bob and Lorna Jeffrey and is going from strength to strength. Musically the night encompasses new soul, 70's soul, soulful house, the soulful side of disco and dance floor jazz. Over the years some of the best dj's in the UK and US have played at the bi monthly events. Bob and Lorna also organise the Suite Soul Stand Up to Cancer Summer all dayer @ The Park Hotel Kilmarnock where in the last 2 years the Suite Soul Family has raised nearly £15,000.

Brett Costello - Urban Meltdown

Brett Costello
Sorry, no DJ Profile has been made for this particular DJ. Check back again later.

Brian Jay - The Essence Of Soul Show

Brian Jay
With over 30 year' experience Brian grew up listening to all types of music, but it was Soul that really captured his spirit from a very early age. If you don't know him yet you already have something in common and that is his love of all things Soulful. Brian began his Djing journey playing at house parties before graduating to various bars and clubs across London and the South East including a 2-year residency at Bar So in Bournemouth in the early 2000's. Brian has been a regular playing at various events across including Ibiza, Greece and Salou in Spain and has been a radio jock for over 15 years. As well as holding his regular Essence Of Soul nights, Brian's passion for Neo Soul, RnB, Soulful house, funk and all things Soulful can be heard in his weekly show on Friday nights on Starpoint. Brian is delighted to be part of the Starpoint team.

Dave W - The Wind Down Zone

Dave W
The Good Man Dave W !

Dave W joined Starpoint Radio in 2004 and is one of the longest serving presenters on Starpoint Radio as well being involved in the production and technical aspects of the station. He first started DJ'ing in 1977 at various parties using his vast collection of dance music and continued in the 80's and 90's as a guest and resident DJ for 6 years before relocating to the south coast of England. Dave's focus is on promoting and introducing new independent soul music, giving the artists a platform for their music to be heard world-wide. Join Dave w & The Wind Down Zone each and every Sunday from 16:00 - 18:00 GMT.


Sorry, no DJ Profile has been made for this particular DJ. Check back again later.

Elle P - The Starpoint Vinyl Centric Show

Elle P
Elle was never really interested in the kudos of being a DJ and she doesn't take herself too seriously - she just loves music and vinyl….and she's genuinely interested in other people who have the same passion for music as her, whatever genre and what makes them tick, which is why she thinks, ended up persueing and loving the interviewing element within her radio shows ………. She says "looking back, I've always had a love for music. I used to drive my mum nuts in my early teens blasting out old Motown, Soul, Funk…….. She could never understand it - she hardly ever played music and not at my type of volume!" From there she moved on to loving hip-hop at some stage in the mid to late 80's and totally loved the scene. The cutting and scratching fascinated her- and still does. But going to a rave somewhere in London early in 1990 was the catalyst. Finding herself in some disused building with dance music playing at a very loud volume with loads of other sweaty people - She LOVED IT!!!! Infact couldn't get enough of it! She loved it so much, she managed to get a guy she knew to teach her how to mix. As it turned out- she was quite good at it. She has various collections of house, funk, disco, soul, hip-hop, old rave, DnB and now jazz too and plenty of other random stuff. All on vinyl. She loves to go digging for tunes - and sometimes, in some very dusty places. When she plays out, she loves to do sets that are really eclectic, that take you on a musical journey. She loves playing on vinyl. But admits that the new technology with virtual vinyl obviously has its plus points, especially if you are going on a plane to do the gigs! "I have moved over to the dark side and brought a controller recently - its actually been great" - She never thought she'd say that…. She trained to be a sound engineer and worked as one for years all over the country with various professional bands. She has DJ'd at numerous venues around Bournemouth & Southampton, loads of different festivals and she did a few Notting Hill Carnivals back in the day. She is employed to teach media and audio production at an FE college in the South of England and freelances with Elle has been involved with- and produced a number of different radio shows both on line and FM over the past 10 years and interviewed a plethora of household musical names- and now she comes to Starpoint- for an exclusive Starpoint edition of her new weekly show Vinyl Centric.

Gary Van den Bussche - Gold Soul Show

Gary  Van den Bussche
Gary Van den Bussche makes a return to radio with Starpoint radio. He has been operating his DSG record label and radio promotions company for over five years, where he has discovered such talented artists as SouLutions, Samuel D Sanders, Mather & Kingdon, Peter Symhporien, Leanne McCrei and released songs by such artists as Keni Stevens, George Benson, Drizabone, Ola Onabule, Hannah White as well as the odd Nigel Lowis production mix. As a DJ Gary packed dancefloors throughout the south for over 20 years which included his own clubs in Maidstone, Ashford, Orpington, Gravesend, Cheam, as well as West End clubs just as the celebrities hot spot Trammp whose regular clientele included Rod Stewart, Tony Curtis, Rolling Stones, George Best, Joan Collins to name just a few & not forgetting his own radio show on Solar Radio &TKO. Early on in his musical career, he ran a West End record shop called Baker St Records, also a chart hyper in which he had a #1 song with Move Closer by late Phyllis Nelson, before moving into running his own record distribution company. Gary's passion has always been Soul music and is very much looking forward to his shows on Starpoint Radio.

Laura Jackson - Don't stop the Music

Laura Jackson
Sorry, no DJ Profile has been made for this particular DJ. Check back again later.

Mark Chappel - The A To Zee of Soul

Mark Chappel
Mark's real interest in music began in 1975 (aged 14) when one night it was announced that no music would be played in his youth club's music room, due to the regular guys being on holiday. An avid table tennis player for his county at the time, ‘ping pong' was all he ever thought about, until that fateful night… Young Mark offered his help by going home to retrieve a few personal tunes & upon return proceeded to ‘find' himself. A little older & wiser, local nightclub Sweeneys took him on board as a warm up & as he saw, was a master stroke, technically under age (over 18's night) he maintained the position for 4 years gaining valuable experience & when the regular DJ left because of work commitments, he was asked to carry the night forward. While @ Sweeneys he decided with the help of his mentor (Steve Scott aka Quasimodo) to become a mobile DJ. The year now was 1979 & soon radio came his way via local community station Radio Basildon on which he helped produce a few shows. Stints on hospital radio soon followed along with a guest spot on the now defunct Essex Radio & a show on pirate radio. Mark has played 'em all.. clubs, pubs, bars, weekenders, radio & he's done more private functions than he cares to remember. But he's loved every minute of it "it's the greatest feeling in the world to see people on a dance floor making shapes to something your playing." 40 years behind the decks & still spinning the good grooves, including his popular A To Zee of Soul radio show & podcast, now at its new home here at Starpoint Radio.

Nigel Fox - Late Night Soul

Nigel Fox
Nigel Fox started back in 1984 as a mobile DJ with his Nightlife Roadshow covering Surrey , Sussex, and London playing at a number of large venues for private clients and corporate functions. He was resident Dj at Alexander's Hampton Court, The Spring Ewell, Vermont Exchange Cobham. Worked on pirate radio back in the 80's and has also worked on community stations as a presenter and a programme controller. More recently as a presenter on A1 Radio for 3 years presenting a number of shows including the very popular Soultrain Show. Nigel has a real love for Soul music with the legends like Earth Wind & Fire, Lou Rawls to name but Two . Nigel has a big following of artists who also feature on his shows, Jody Watley, Kenya, Jazzy D, Shalia Prospere, Georgie Bromfield, Lee John, Ty Causey, and legendary mixer producer Alex Di Cio . Nigel is pleased to be presenting Late Night Soul on a Monday Night 9.00-11.00pm on Starpoint where he will be spinning the best classics soul beats along with some more up to date soul from the likes of Tony Momrelle, Kenny Stevens, Mario Biondi and loads more inbetween.

Paul Goldsmith - Select Soul

Paul Goldsmith
SELECT SOUL - Bringing you the best in new & contemporary black music - upfront soul, gospel, vocal smooth jazz, RnB and a sprinkle of soulful house with the emphasis on new and independent.

Paul Mac - Soul Central

Paul Mac
Soul Central hosted by Manchester based DJ Paul Mac - An eclectic mix of Nu/Neo Soul, Modern Soul, Classic R&B and all things funky and soulful...

Paul Stuart - Starpoint Sunday Soul from Scotland

Paul Stuart
Paul began buying records as a young teenager in the mid to late 70s,starting off with Soul, Funk and Disco, partly due to his Dad's influence and taste, as he loved Earth Wind & Fire / War / Isley Bros etc,and also through listening to radio dj's like Robbie Vincent and Greg Edwards, as well as the numerous black music pirate radio stations of the day, and club djs such as Froggy, Chris Hill and Bob Jones. Pauls' tastes grew to include Jazz, Latin and Fusion, and with a passion for new cutting edge music developing, early Hip Hop and Electro, what is now known as Boogie.. Then in 1985 HOUSE! Paul started dj'ing out in the early 80s, mainly at friends parties, progressing to warm ups at local Soul nights, before getting residencies at bars in London and Birmingham, also appearing all over the UK and beyond at nights such as Soul City / Soulfulbeats / Deep Into Soul Studio Party - London,Vybe 2016 - Leyland, Hoochie Coochie / Seasons Of Soul - Newcastle, Hustle - Liverpool, Good Vibrations - Bristol, Souldiggin' / Underdog - Aberdeen , Suite Soul - Kilmarnock, Elements of Soul - Glasgow, Development - Manchester, OnHubertStreet - Warrington, Soulmates - Barcelona, PhutureSole - New Jersey Paul was also co-organiser and one of the resident djs at The Sands, the ‘pop-up' gig across the road @Southport Weekender, which they did for 9 years until it moved to the new site in Minehead, where Paul played for the last 5 of the main Southport Weekender events. Paul has also enjoyed many years doing internet radiobefore settling at STARPOINT where he can play all the music he loves, from 70s to new and contemporary Soul and Jazz, Disco, Funk and the many shades of House music, always with a heart of SOUL…

Phil B - Saturday @ 10

Phil B
I started my first ever internet radio show in 2004 broadcasting live from Croydon, Surrey. Old skool flavors that take you back as well as R&B and the slow jamz that will always be remembered. also spend every other month weekend in Amsterdam, Milkweg for the exclusive R&B nights they have out there with special guests DJ'S and artists also. i love Old Skool and as i'm from the era, now the kids of today are listening to what we did 20 odd years ago. so why not join me every Saturday from 10-12pm on StarPoint Radio

Phil Levene - Eclectic Jazz

Phil Levene
Having been bitten by the record collecting bug during his early teens, Phil was persuaded to DJ at local youth clubs and parties. His first major gig was for the launch of a new record label and eventually found himself moving on to the 'Goldmine Club' in Essex, where the small back bar became a regular Jazz room. In turn this lead to his making respected and regular contributions to various gigs across the South East of England. Djing residencies included Southend's 'Back to the tracks' (7 years). 'Monday Nights' at Wag, London's Jazz Cafe (one of the resident DJ's for over 8 years) Point 101 (4 years) and the 'Hi-hat' at the Blue Note and the Jazz Cafe (10 years). Guest spots have included the now legendary Sunday session 'Talkin' loud' at Dingwalls, The 'Jazz rooms' in Brighton and 'Southport Weekender'. Groove Sanctuary at Madame JoJo's and upstairs at Ronnie Scotts. Plus countless one off events across Europe and the UK including the Cork Jazz Festival (Ireland), The Latin Beats Festival, (Holland) and the Montreaux Jazz festival, (Switzerland). Phil joined the now defunct but influential Soul 24/7 internet radio station on the day it launched and continued with his weekly show until it's untimely closure 5 years later. Presenting 'Eclectic Jazz' for Starpoint Radio has provided a much welcomed opportunity for Phil to explore and pull together the threads of the various styles of music that have been inspired and influenced by the genre of jazz. Phil's passion for music has resulted in an ever expanding collection of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Brazilian, Disco, Afro Beat, Broken Beats, Nu-jazz and music that defies being pigeon-holed. Pulling this rich mixture of joyful sounds together is both a challenge and a pleasure for Phil.

Ray Ali - Underground Repairs

Ray Ali
Ray, simply loves Boogie and US Garage. This is reflected in his show which he calls, 'Underground Repairs', which as the name suggests encapsulates the purism ,ingenuity and rawness in dance music. His inspiration stems from the likes of Phil Allen, Dezzi D and Steve Devonne on the Boogie Tip. He basically sees US Garage as the natural progression of disco and the early 80s sound. He keenly acknowledges the inspiration of the New York sound from the 90s and although the second hour of his shows is predominantly upfront , tribute is still paid to the tunes that spanned that era. So expect lots of diversity in the mix where Ray is accompanied with Mo Silvase, his long time House Buddy.

Richard Short - Soul Renaissance

Richard Short
Shorty has been a Club and Radio DJ working on Pirate Stations throughout the 80's and more recently been working on Internet and Local Community Radio stations around his home town of Watford. He has extensive knowledge and experience playing Classic Soul, Jazz Funk and Rare Grooves and presents his ‘Soul Renaissance' shows here on Starpoint Radio every Tuesday from 7pm and Wednesday from 5pm Shorty loves Soul, Jazz Funk and Disco from the 70's through to the late 90's and his show's encompasses this genre as well as his memories from these decades. In addition, he has also been an Event Host for over thirty years when he started his career at Watford FC and worked as their Match Day Presenter for 20 years and has subsequently worked for a host of high profile organisations at various venues including on pitch duties at Wembley Stadium for the Football Association inc FA Cup Finals and England Internationals.

Steve Collins - Steve Collins in the Afternoon

Steve Collins
Steve's passion for Soul Music started at a very young age. Whilst still at school, Steve was frequently visiting venues like the Hammersmith Odeon, to see such artists as Frankie Beverley & Maze, Alexander O'Neil and Pieces of a Dream...His Radio career began during the late 1980's. Presenting his Soulful sounds on the popular London Pirate Radio Stations, Joy Radio and Radio Chicago. Steve has very recently returned to his home town of London, after spending ten years living and working in Spain. Never far away from his love of Soul music and Radio, he was a regular on the Costa Blanca's Mercury FM & Big FM. You can catch now catch Steve here on Starpoint Radio, every Saturday afternoon between 1-3pm .

Steve King - Soulful Sounds with Steve King

Steve King
Steve King started in radio with his Nyte Flyte show for IBC Manchester (The Illegal Broadcasting Company). The show ran from 1987 till 1990, and concentrated on Steve's first and last love in music, soul. In 1991 Steve started a new show for IBC called, We're Only Here For The Beer, which he co-presented with Quantice (Liam Fitton). Two guys, who's passion for great music was matched with banter that had the audience eating out of their hands. The show fast gained itself a cult following in and around the Manchester area, for its wacky style of presenting, along with playing classic cuts from electro, hip hop, soul and funk. This brought Steve to the attention of Duncan Smith, who at the time had his own show with Steve Quirk (The Dream Team) along with being the program controller at Sunset Radio. In 1993, Duncan offered Steve a Sunday morning slot at Sunset. The shows focus was on the best of days producers / songwriter in black music. Today Steve has a show on Internet Stations based in Manchester, England and Saltlake City, USA. Soulful Sounds combines the great sounds from the 80s & 90s including Steve's very own slowjam mixes and interviews.

Tee Davies - Just good music show

Tee Davies
A kid of the 70s, unmanagable hair big collars, bell-bottom flairs, loved the Soul Motown Pop Rock n Roll of the 60s then moved into Harold, O'Jays and Philly, The Jacksons showed us where to go, Dozier made Bands of gold with Invictus, Chic and Sledge, Rodgers and Edwards slap bassalicious. Shopping at Beanos, double decker sounds from pony tailed hippies. Luther's Never Too Much, Maze and D-Train always Right On time. Spent out at Hitman, Bluebird and Groove, beans on toast all week, just for the sounds that made you move. Robbie on Sunday, listen again monday through out the week for sweat pain for little gain, so thanks Salsoul West End and Street Sounds for keeping me sane. Saturday come quick even if British rail smells of fags stale beer and sick, don't care, fry-up Saturday and London will soon be here. Soho to start, RTE, cheapo cheapos, Reckless and Kools, tick off B&S slickers chart those are the rules. Rare grooves from Reckless, Indies from Balham, Casey Jones a brew then back on train from Waterloo. Illicit radio, death defying leaps hanging off roofs, kissing the sky with waves of sound, to give or get you're rhythmical fix. JFM, Starpoint, Kiss and many more had the licks that filled a void, til Thatcher and corporates got annoyed. Many of those now cannot be found, but memories live on and so does the sound. Traveling the land far and wide Soul Weekenders, alldayer benders, Soul Funk music be my guide, dancings law, sadness and trouble need not apply. Back on the road big drive ahead jaded and worn but cheery instead, pray we get home safe with little strife, while the car stereo sings... My life, my life, my life, my life.

DJ's that have presented on Starpoint over the last 30 Years ! - .

DJA few of the DJ's that have presented over the past 30 years

Bigger - Smooth Grooves

Sorry, no DJ Profile has been made for this particular DJ. Check back again later.

Carmicheal Music Lover - Music Lover Club

Carmicheal Music Lover
Sorry, no DJ Profile has been made for this particular DJ. Check back again later.

Curly CJ - The Sunday Soul Affair

Curly CJ
I started deejaying about 15 years ago in the early nineties, when I was lucky enough to be asked to DJ alongside the legend that is Dr Bob Jones,at his Blues and Soul award winning weekly club night called The Surgery". I became a resident at the club, and had the pleasure of Deejaying not only with Bob,but with his many weekly guests who included Gilles Peterson,Patrick Forge,Mark Webster,Steve Hobbs,Kev Beadle,the list went on... great days!!After the Surgery healed it's last patient, I went on to play at the infamous "Blue Note" club in the now trendy Hoxton area of East London, where myself,Stevie Cee and Baby Browning were residents for 3 great years doing a weekly Sunday Afternoon gig called "The Sunday Soul Affair". Rare Groove,The Sunday Papers,West Indian Food, and of course the obligatory continental strength lager made the "Sunday Soul Affair" a gig that many people fondly remember,not least me! After the Blue Note closed down, I went on to another 3 year residency in Londons West End at Point 101. Nowadays I don't play out as much, but certainly enjoy doing the occaisional gig such as Chi-soul down in Chichester, and Monumental Soul in London. As for the radio, I have been on air now for about the same amount of time. Cutting my broadcasting teeth in the early nineties on one of East London's Soul Pirate radio stations called Groove FM. After Groove was eventually busted for the last time, I went on legal radio for the first time with Active FM,a soul radio station based in Romford.Graveyard shift radio in Romford, what a winner!! I eventually left Active FM to take a weekly show on Solar Radio for a few years, and then after misbehaving,was lucky enough to be asked to take my "Soul Affair" show to Starpoint Radio. This wasn't my first time on Starpoint, I did several RSL broadcasts, and had many memorable sessions up at the Southport Weekenders where Starpoint was the weekender radio station. So thats it, now you know a bit more about me, and how I have come DJ on Starpoint. I present a fortnightly show, that is broadcast live on a Tuesday evening between 19.00/21.00. The show is called the "Soul Affair". And I hope you enjoy listening ,as much as I enjoy doing it. Curly CJ...........not so much a a set of initials.

Chris ”The Shirt” Elliott - The Reggae Vybe Show

Chris ”The Shirt” Elliott
Chris "The Shirt" Elliott was brought up in SE London on a diet of Reggae,Soul and Jim Reeves (blame his Jamaican dad for that one). He started playing on internet radio a few years back on the original Sunrisefm and since then his stations have included the now defunct Vinyl Morpher Radio, Platinum Grooves Radio of which he was part owner, and of late CruiseFM. He has been known to hit the floors on various dance floors at Soul Nights and of course the infamous Caister Soul Weekenders but as his got older its more of a crawl rather than a spring. Shirtys dress sense (loud shirts) and choice of football teams (Millwall) have had people questioning his sanity, but his choonz are good so we let him in lol. Look out for "Shirtys" Reggae Vybe Show which will consist of anything from Lovers Rock,Dancehall,Ska or even Roots Reggae here on Starpoint Radio and hope you enjoy them.

CJ Carlos - The CJCARLOS Show

CJ Carlos
Sorry, no DJ Profile has been made for this particular DJ. Check back again later.

David J Hulmes - 21st century Soul

David J Hulmes
Sorry, no DJ Profile has been made for this particular DJ. Check back again later.

Gary Hawk - The Soul Collection

Gary Hawk
My interest in jazz funk and soul music stems back to the very late seventies and early eighties venturing to clubs, the likes of Flicks in Dartford and Stage 3 on the isle of Sheppey Flicks by the early 80s was one of the most popular clubs in the country, I remember the queues to get in were always a mile long Only recently over the last couple of years i decided to take my interest further after listening to various soul internet radio stations, in April 2014 i had the opportunity of becoming an internet radio presenter myself, on Soul legends Radio where i started a weekly show on a Wednesday evening the Wednesday Soul Collections, then towards the end of the year changing it to the Monday Soul Collections on a Monday evening and still going up to date The year 2015 has seen me progress into playing out at live venues which I hope to expand on in the future It's a pleasure to be part of the Starpoint Radio Team and my intention is to share my passion in the music I play, with you the listeners.

Kevin O'Brien Presenter - The Morning Soulcial

Kevin O’Brien Presenter
I'm a true Essex boy now living in Scotland just over the English border, I was 13 years old when I first heard Otis Redding sing "Love Man", from that moment on I was hooked. I would lie in bed at night with my transistor radio listening to people like Otis, James Brown, Diana Ross & the Supremes, The Four Tops on stations like Radio Luxemburg. I also listened to pirate stations like Radio Caroline, Invicta, DBC, Kiss FM, In fact any station that played good soul music. My DJ career began at 16 when my mother (bless her) moved me from Essex to where I thought was the middle of nowhere "Somerset" I decided then I needed a mobile disco, I bought it in pieces to save purchase tax, from DJ Electronics in Southend. "I was the first mobile DJ in Somerset". I booked my own halls and charged on the door, that was 1972. After a couple of years I started working in clubs around the country. My influence in DJ'ing came from Chris Hill who had a residency at The Gold Mine on Canvey Island. At that time there really wasn't many DJ's playing soul music and working the audience like he did. Over the years I have worked with many Radio 1 DJs from the 70's & 80's. Noel Edmonds, Emperor Rosko, Steve Wright, Dave Lee Travis, Kid Jensen, Peter Powell, Mike Read & Simon Bates, the list goes on. I have also been blessed to have compared and worked with artists like Candi Staton, The Real Thing, Carl Douglas, Edwin Starr, The Foundations, The Stylistics, The Three Degrees, Dorothy Moore, Melba Moore, Tina Charles, Randi Crawford, Heatwave and many more. I decided to close my record boxes in the mid 90's. But in 2012 my appetite was re-generated by a DJ friend from the south of England who came to visit me here in Scotland, we spent the weekend getting very drunk, talking music & playing all the classics. He also introduced me to a lot of new material he brought with him. This made me realise I should be working in radio. Since then I have presented for various radio stations including Radio Northumberland. Castle FM (Edinburgh), Jazz and Bossa Radio in (Puerto Rico) & Soul Central Radio (London) I'm now honoured to be able to broadcast here on Starpoint Radio Tues - Weds - Thursday's mornings from 9 - 11am on The Morning Soulcial. Check in and say hello, I'm convinced you will like it.

Lawless aka Gayle Dumont - The Rum Shop Session

Lawless aka Gayle Dumont 
Lawless aka Gayle Dumont hails from south west London where she grew up, one of 7 (middle child) surrounded by varying musical influences. One of her older brothers was into Studio One, heavy dub plates and sound systems, the other was into his disco 45's. Big sister was into punk and rock (bands like Bahaus & Southern Death Cult). Mum was listening to Dionne Warwick, Dolly Parton and Grover Washington Jnr. She was always grateful for this varied musical exposure and thinks that this in part, helped shape her first love of Hip Hop & Rare Groove and all things soulful with a dash of Elton John thrown in for good measure (guilty pleasure is "Daniel" by EJ).......but enough about that She always wanted to be a deejay, hatching up all sorts of hair brained schemes and plans (even had a stage name DJ Hyper G). Collected lots of vinyl (Blue Bird records was a second home in the late 80's). But marriage and raising a family put paid to those dreams (as well as Mum getting rid of her vinyl......a sore subject that I don't care to discuss......we are on speaking terms now). She listened to all the pirate radio stations, LWR, Horizon to name a few as well as Radio Jackie & Radio 1 (occasionally Radio Luxembourg on a Sunday afternoon) After a 10 year hiatus, Gayle was itching to re-enter the soul scene. It was through a soul weekender that her love for all things soulful was reignited and she has never looked back. She dj's on another well known online station and is a promoter/DJ for Rum Shop HQ where she runs a weekend alongside Hugh Haughton, Mac StLewis and Pete Precise called "Licks: Rhythm Assembly" now in it's sixth year. Has DJ'd at Bless The Funk, Hayling Island (radio room), Family Affair & Sunny Hunny, Clacton, Soul Sessions, Universal Soul, CampSoul, Rum Shop on Manoeuvres, All Souled Up, Grown & Sexy In Antigua, Soul In The Algarve and Soul Village, Lloret de Mar and she's about to debut at Sun & Soul in Paphos, Cyprus 2017.

Imran Mirza - The Blue & Green Sessions

Imran Mirza
Sorry, no DJ Profile has been made for this particular DJ. Check back again later.

Jim Hargreaves - Jim Hargreaves

Jim Hargreaves
SEDUCTIVE SOUL RADIO SHOW - Modern Soul, Upfront R&B + 80's and 90's Grooves. Check out for much more, and contact or links @ .

Kevin J - Kevin J

Kevin J
Kevin J started his musical journey at school when he learned to play keyboards. He joined his first group back in the early 80s playing keyboards with a Reggae Ska band in Birmingham. He then played with a couple of Jazz Funk bands, writing and having records released in the dance charts. Always buying 12" records he loved his music that much he decided to start playing out as a DJ, eventually working in some of the top clubs in the West Midlands. He started radio broadcasting back in 1987 and continues to fill the airwaves with his selection of soulful classics and eclectic mix of Urban Oldskool 2 Nu Cool music. He says "Making many friends through the years by playing music is a great blessing." Kevin J is recognised as an experienced & professional radio presenter, DJ and compere who knows & loves his music. You may hear local and international celebrities appearing on his shows and useful trivia surrounding the music he plays, so tune in every Monday from 5pm till 7pm

Mark Collison - The Sunday Soul Affiar

Mark Collison
The MK Show was born initially out of Kunle Olafare's idea to honour the anniversary of DJ Swing (Brian Daly) who passed away 22 March 2006, by holding a 24 hour radio show on the anniversary of his death to raise funds for the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust. The show has evolved with Risky Riscardo and Trevor "Soulflavas" Martin joining Kunle and Mark Collison, on rotation, every Saturday morning between 09:00 - 11:00. Kunle was the promoter at Bournemouth's popular "Confessions" club nights, mixing upfront RnB with a smattering of real soul. Mark made his name in the alternative (Soul/Funk) room in the 90's at the ‘Lollipop' club nights, where trendy London welcomed the concept of a two room club mixing House and Soul in separate rooms. At the time you would find him spinning at the Iceni, Jazz Juice and the Time Bar, educating the crowd with his love of real soul and jazz. Risky Riscardo is a professional clubber with a smile on his face - he knows his music! Trevor Martin has hosted TGR's Thursday night 'Soulflavas', spreading his knowledge to the more discerning listeners in SE London/NW Kent and those on line. He has also played at the "Back To Back Hat Sessions" at Islington's "Soul On Your Side" together with co-presenter Mark Collison. The show is ever evolving with regular guest spots, as well as the guys digging into real soul, jazz, funk, disco, and hip hop. Join the MK crew between 9am -11am every Saturday!

Mark Tritone - Thank God its Friday/Marks Morning Menu

Mark Tritone
Sorry, no DJ Profile has been made for this particular DJ. Check back again later.

Markus Kater - MaxK - Groovefinder's Music

Markus Kater - MaxK
Markus grew up musically whilst singing in the schools choir and learning to play trumpet. In the early 80's his addiction for ‘everything that has a soul' began whilst spending hours and hours listening to Luther Vandross, Earth, Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye and Prince (just to name a few) on BFBS. Then he started to import Albums from the US and the UK. Today Markus is behind the decks again and has a passion for internet radio too… he started to edit tunes a few years ago for his sets and these can be heard on internet stations. His big love, though, is remixes and these can be found on itunes, traxsource, amazon and all other download-portals. His own tracks have been released on the Mac Da Knife label in the UK. He also runs - together with Birke Beisert - the Website Groovefinder's World.

Mick Fuller - Soulshyne

Mick Fuller
During his career, Mick Fuller's adaptability and good musical taste have been the secret of his success, taking in many different styles of soul music in all of it's various forms, from rare groove and disco through to US Garage & Soulful House. Over the years he has played at all of Brighton's cooler clubs including The Inn Place, Brighton Belle, Papillon, Escape Club, The Zap, Honey Club and Ocean Rooms as well as holding long-term residencies at the now legendary Kings 2 and Helsinki Bar. As a guest DJ, he's been welcomed everywhere from international house nights like Soul Heaven & Defected In The House to old school hip-hop jams and original soul sessions. Over the years Mick has been lucky enough to spin alongside some of the best DJ's in the world including Norman Cook, Cleveland Anderson, Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Joey Negro, Marshall Jefferson, Norman Jay MBE, MJ Cole, Andy Caldwell, DJ Spen, Bobby and Steve, CJ Mackintosh and Seamus Haji. Mick also runs SoulShyne, which started life as an occasional soulful get-together but rapidly developed into an exclusive club and party promotional collective. Venues from Mick's hometown of Brighton to those in the UK and further afield are all feeling the SoulShyne mix of Old School Soul, Funk Anthems, Disco Classics & Funky Soulful House.

Mike Shaft - Sunset Breakfast

Mike Shaft
Mike Shaft is a broadcaster of some repute in the North West. He was born in Grenada in the West Indies and has lived in the North West of England since 1968. He began his broadcasting career as a freelance presenter at Piccadilly Radio, Manchester in 1978. Mike remained with Piccadilly for 8 years after presenting a weekday show and becoming Head of Music in 1993, during one of the most successful periods in the history of the station. Mike presented shows of every type, but was probably best known for his soul show ‘Takin' care of business' and his late night romantic show ‘Love can be fun'. After leaving Piccadilly, Mike Joined BBC Radio Manchester as a soul music presenter in 1987. While working at Radio Manchester, Mike was offered a job on BBC Television co-presenting the BBC1 daytime programme ‘Open Air'. Also this time Mike was offered a daytime slot, presenting the afternoon drivetime show. While at BBC Radio Manchester, Mike set up the Sunset Radio group which applied for and won the Incremental Licence for Central Manchester. After more than two years at GMR as it became known, Mike left the BBC in 1989 to set up Sunset Radio and take up the post of Managing Director and Programme Controller. The station was aimed at the ethnic minorities in Manchester, playing soul and dance music during the day and featuring specialist ethnic programming through the evenings. Mike had been planning such a station for a number of years and the success of the station was amply demonstrated when Sunset Radio achieved a 10% reach in it's first JICRAR. The station's programming was generally accepted as one of the most exciting on radio in the North West and according to local listings publication City Life:- "Sunset Radio is still by far the most interesting station in the city". Mike Shaft left Sunset in 1990 following a fundamental disagreement with some members of the Board about the direction that the station was taking. Mike then worked at a number of stations in the North West and North East. These included Marcher Sound, Piccadilly Gold, Piccadilly Key 103 and Wear FM. During this time, Mike also co-presented a television series for Central Television, Birmingham called ‘One World'. In 1993 Mike was approached by Julian Allitt to join the Bay in Lancaster as a Presenter and Head of Promotions. Mike was part of the management team that achieved one of the most successful launches in Independent Radio history. After some months on air, Mike then became Head of External Affairs.

Paul Simpson - Classics & Future Classics

Paul Simpson
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Rob Alais - Beats & Pieces

Rob Alais
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Rob Boogie
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ttRoger - Quintessential Soul Show

ttRoger started buying music in the late 70's and djiing in the early 80's. "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth Wind & Fire being his first disco 12-inch, before then he was buying roots rock reggae. At that time ttRoger was the soul boy amongst his friends who where hardcore reggae heads! His all time favourite artist is Prince. ttRoger has been on several pirate stations as well as a local legal station based in South London. Anything that's got soul and funk through it both new and old that's ttRoger! Soulful House, New Soul, Boogie, Disco, Funk! A real mixed bag of eclectic Quintessential Soul.

Listen to ttRoger and his Quintessential Soul Show - Monday nights from 11pm to 1am. >