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News and Reviews

Lost Gem: Black Sugar Says It's 'Too Late'ť

Featured: 0(September 28, 2016) Black Sugar is a Peruvian band formed in 1970 which released two albums, Black Sugar and Black Sugar II, before disbanding in 1978.  Their music is an exciting blend of jazz, funk and soul which despite being over 40 years old still sounds remarkably fresh.  Although well known in South America, Black Sugar?s music had limited distribution here in the 70s and until a recent re-release of their tracks they were largely a well-kept secret of DJs and other tastemakers.Facebook Comments: 1
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First Listen: Atlantic Starr is our "Best Friend" again

Featured: 0(September 28, 2016) Three years ago, we debuted a new recording by Atlantic Starr  that we thought could be a new wedding day hit for the group. And radio ignored it. But water eventually finds its level, and now radio is finally catching on that the legendary group has a nice little song with the ballad, "My Best Friend." It is the first single from the new album, Metaphorphosis.Facebook Comments: 1
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R&B hitmaker Kashif dies at age 58

Featured: 1(September 27, 2016) We are absolutely devastated to inform SoulTrackers of the death of singer, songwriter and producer extraordinaire, Kashif, at age 58. In a year that has been relentless in what it has taken from us, the death of this musical renaissance man at an age so young is particularly cruel. Kashif was known to the world not only for his string of hits as an artist such as "I Just Got To Have You (Lover Turn Me On)" and "Stone Love," but also for his period as the hottest producer in R&B music.Facebook Comments: 1
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First Listen: Myra Maimoh is "Uniq"

Featured: 0First Listen: Myra Maimoh is "Uniq" (September 26, 2016) We didn?t know much about talented singer Myra Maimoh until we recently heard her new song, ?Uniq.? But the Camaroon-born, Germany-based singer makes quite a first impression, with both her positive message and the full sound of the single. It follows several Euro Gospel hits she?s had over the past few years.Facebook Comments: 1
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First Listen: Lori Jenaire and Patrice Rushen create an instant classic

Featured: 1(September 26, 2016) It was a decade ago that we introduced SoulTrackers to Chicago native Lori Jenaire. The  vocalist and multi-instrumentalist (bass, piano and guitar), has played the club circuit and served as a studio singer on commercials and with such luminaries as jazz guitarist Stanley Clarke. Jenaire was influenced by Phyllis Hyman and Angela Bofill, and you can tell in her classic song stylings.Facebook Comments: 1
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