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Angela Bofill is alive and well, and we LOVE her.

(October 24, 2020) There have been rumors floating around this week that a good friend of SoulTracks and an all-time great singer, Ms. Angela Bofill, had died. We are VERY happy to let SoulTrackers know that those rumors are totally untrue. Angie posted the following in levity on Facebook today:

First Listen: Miss Washington gives unlimited love on "No Cap"

(October 24, 2020) Berklee educated, Bay Area based singer and songwriter Miss Washington has more than a hint of 90s soul in her music, recalling elements of En Vogue or SWV in her R&B groove. And she brings her infectious sound to the brand new EP, F.A.T.E., being released today.

Miss Washington’s work thematically goes through the ups and downs of relationships, with a message that overall challenges with listener to accept the good and bad of relationships as a means of growth.

World Premiere: Honey Made wants you to "Be True"

(October 23, 2020) When someone complains that they don’t make R&B bands like they used to, just point them to Austin, Texas and the nine piect band Honey Made (Willie Barnes II, Vocals; Donald R Ford Jr., Vocals; Brian Cokeley, Keys; Lee Braverman, Bass; Chris Barnes, Drums and Vocals; Mark Saldana, Percussion; Dustin Hunter, Tenor Saxophone and Baritone Saxophone; Joseph Morrow, Trumpet and Flugelhorn; and Donald McDaniel, Trombone). They are bringing classic soul sounds forward to 2020 with respect but not homage.

First Listen: Hear new Charlie Wilson and Smokey Robinson duet

(October 23, 2020) They are two musical giants separately, and TODAY they've teamed for the first time -- and created something special in the process.

Earlier this year, Billboard Magazine named Charlie Wilson the biggest male Urban Adult Contemporary artist of all time. And while that musical category has only existed for a couple decades, if it went back further it would no doubt include the legendary Smokey Robinson among its biggest stars. Smokey has been doing his thing, both with The Miracles and as a solo artist, for six decades.

First Listen: George Benson Turns Our Love Around again in London

(October 23, 2020) It's been 30 years since legendary singer and guitarist George Benson issued a live album, but on November 13 he returns with the highly anticipated Weekend In London. It's a sort-of sequel to his groundbreaking Weekend In LA album, which remains on my heavy rotation list more than four decades after its release.

See the Nominees: 2020 SoulTracks Readers' Choice Awards

(October 21, 2020) Okay, this is one election we can all agree on. The time is coming again for the 2020 SoulTracks Readers' Choice Awards, the biggest awards in the world dedicated to independent soul music.

World Premiere Video: Erin Stevenson shines on Luther classic

(October 22, 2020) The city of Houston, Texas has given the Soul Music world its share of talent, and it provides another gift with singer Erin Stevenson, whom we first covered a couple years ago. Erin has been a background singer for the likes of  Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson, J Lo, Pharrell, and Camilla Cabelllo, but we like it more when the talented songstress moves up 20 feet to the front of the stage.

First Listen: Alyson Williams returns gloriously on "Summer Nights In Harlem"

(October 22, 2020) First Lady of Def Jam Alyson Williams was featured prominently on a handful of rap and dance records throughout the ‘80s before striking gold on her own with unforgettable numbers such as “Just Call My Name,” “I Need Your Lovin’,” and “Sleep Talk.” The New York native has reignited her jazz roots in live performance recently, and is now bringing that flavor to record with several new tunes composed by Maurice Lynch.

R.I.P. legendary hitmaking bass guitarist Jimmy Williams

(October 21, 2020) We are sad to inform SoulTrackers of the death of legendary Philadelphia bass guitarist Jimmie Williams. Williams was best known as part of the O’Jays band for more than forty years, but that is just the beginning of his resume.

Williams played on recording of most of the great Philadelphia International Records artists, including The Jones Girls, Teddy Pendergrass, and Patti Labelle.

First Listen: Faith Evans helps Gwen Bunn "Between the Lines"

(October 21, 2020) The sample serves multiple purposes when used in a song. It has a groove or a beat that the song producer wants to include in his or her work. Or, in some cases, samples are a contemporary artist’s way to throw a bouquet to a musician that is held in high esteem.

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