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Starpoint Radio Statement
There have been some recent allegations made against myself and Starpoint radio mainly regarding the UK Soul
Chart and two of the main independent record promoters, so I would like to make the following points crystal clear:-

1) Starpoint Radio since it’s inception has always supported both independent and major Black Music releases and
have NEVER taken payola of any description for any record. It’s not in our ethos full-stop.
2) Any artist can forward their music to Starpoint Radio for subsequent distribution to all the Starpoint DJs.
The music goes into a specific folder where all our DJs are free to access it and play it if they wish.
It’s the most democratic system that we could come up with and has worked fine thus far.
We do not tell our DJs what they can and can't play. It’s up to them.
3) A number of independent promoters send their releases to Starpoint, as they do with all stations.
If we know that a promoter is working with a particular artist or record label, then we respect that
they are being paid to do a job and deal with them directly. It’s the way the promotion business works and many
artists prefer to have someone working on their behalf for numerous practical and professional reasons.
4) We do not believe that any of the promoters we work with are racist. For the most part these guys have been
working with independent Black Music for their whole careers and have the track records to prove it.
We note that these criticisms tend to come from people affiliated with rival radio stations and/or rival
promotion companies.
5) We have reported the above allegations to Ofcom.
Carl Webster - Steve Warner (Owner’s Starpoint Radio)



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The UK Soul Chart on Starpoint Radio: Sundays from 4pm to 6pm. 

The UK Soul Chart Top 100 for 2019 can be viewed here :


Starpoint Chatroom
News and Reviews.

Beth Macari slows it down on sensual “Love You More”

(August 3, 2021) We have been following talented UK singer Beth Macari since we first heard her fronting the band Nick Pride & The Pimptones, and we’ve continued as she has developed a consistently enjoyable solo career.

For her newest single, Beth slows it down with a sultry ballad about a woman who is telling her man that he can rest his troubles on her shoulder, and accept her boundless love. She makes it all sound so convincing, as she wraps her always on-point vocals over the straight ahead blue-lights-in-the-basement R&B arrangements.

World Premiere: David Garfield wows on "Go Home" remix

(August 3, 2021) Keyboardist, composer and producer David Garfield has the status of a legend in the musical world. He’s produced over 50 albums and appeared on more than 100, working with a virtual who’s who of soul and jazz stars.

Garfield is also a noted artist in his own right, with a number of critically acclaimed projects that are as varied as they are enjoyable. For his newest single, David puts a new twist on a Stevie Wonder cover that was already a hit for him. David tells us the story behind this incredible new remix of “Go Home":

Choice Cut: Club Nouveau's Jay King gets sensual on "All Your Love"

It seems like just a blink ago that the R&B band Club Nouveau took over the world with the #1 hit and Grammy Award winning single, "Lean On Me." That began a run of excellence for the group, including such hits as "Situation #9" and "Jealousy." 

The Fatback Band heats up again with "Dem Words"

(August 3, 2021) The Fatback Band was a self-contained band that is representative of all of the great soul, funk, blues and fusion bands formed in the 20 years between 1965 and 1985. Bearing one of the best band names of all time, The Fatback Band drew upon all of the influences that leader Bill ‘Fatback’ Curtis took in from the many legends that he played with and the myriad of sounds that he heard in the music and cultural hotbed of New York to create a sound that was up to date and also pointed the way to the future.

Featured Album: Alexander Morris of the Four Tops wins us over with "January"

He has been an active part of the music world for decades, but many soul music fans have only recently gotten to know the name Alexander "Lex" Morris, the current lead singer for the iconic quartet The Four Tops.

Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak make Silk Sonic glimmer on "Skate"

(August 1, 2021) When music fans first heard that Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak were going to be joining forces to create a new R&B band called Silk Sonic, they weren’t sure what to expect. But with the smash hit “Leave The Door Open” a few months ago, they found out that the two artists were creating a loving tribute to the great soul music of the 1970s – one that please multiple generations.

First Listen: The Artist ElJay shows his "Need"

(August 1, 2021) Earlier this month, actress and producer Issa Rae posted a tweet that, judging by the number of 'likes' and shares,' struck a chord (literally and figuratively) with thousands of R&B fans: "Listening to Mint Condition's "Breaking my Heart" (sic) and realizing that a lot of music (expletives) aren't dramatic and desperate enough for me." Anyone who's heard the band knows that their catalog is much more than vulnerable ballads and love jams, so what was Issa's point? 

World Premiere: Johnny Britt and Malcolm Jamal Warner look at the "Peace Officer"

(July 30, 2020) We've been big fans of singer and trumpeter Johnny Britt since the days when he was one-half of the creative duo Impromp2, and we've been following him ever since. Johnny has played with a who’s who of artists and has written hits for the likes of Boney James, The Temptations and more.

Johnny has kept busy during these odd times we’re in, and he has thoughtfully looked at the situations we face as a country and a world. And those thoughts come out in his newest single, “Peace Officer.”

Choice Cut: Will Preston "Plays" to her heart

Georgia-based singer and songwriter Will Preston has earned a legion of fans over the last decade and a half. They dig his modern take on the classic soul vibe of artists from the 80s and his multi-octave voice.

Will was back on his game earlier this year with the album, Where Do I Begin?, another Preston-esque set of love and storytelling. And he has just released the second single from the album, the quiet storm jam “Let’s Play.”

Rick Astley hits One Billion views for "Never Gonna Give You Up"

(Press Release: July 29, 2021) How many songs are there that have become iconic in two different eras? Rick Astley’s global cultural phenomenon ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ is one of the most definitive examples.

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