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News and Reviews

Following My Intuition (album review)

Artist: Craig DavidFeatured: 0List Ranking: 0Review: Craig David -Following My Intuition The recording career of Craig David has been full of highs and lows since 1997, when he debuted as an uncredited guest vocalist on an obscure UK garage record. With an appeasing tone and unique knack for intricate phrasing of soulfully poppy melodies, the Southampton native broke out in a big way around the world in 2000 with his first LP, Born to Do It. Tracks ranging from the clubby ?Fill Me In? to the midtempo R&B of ?7 Days? and the rock-tinged ?Walking Away? quickly cemented his status as an apt singer-songwriter with a clear grasp of his abilities as a purveyor of youth-friendly songs and performances bearing an edge of sophistication beyond his teenaged years of experience. While David kept the momentum going for the better part of a decade throughout Europe and Asia, the initial American success he found seemed to slip from grasp, even as he delivered consistently merited material on sets such as 2005?s The Story Goes? and 2007?s Trust Me. An attempt to redefine his musical direction on 2010?s Signed Sealed Delivered (a collection of mostly Motown covers) fared poorly even in the UK, and the time elapsed since then has seen him relocate to the States and focus on a second career as a DJ. But a number of guest appearances and collaborations on various dance-oriented singles eventually led to a new deal with Sony Music UK?s new joint venture, Insanity, and independent media company SpeakerBox. The resulting Following My Intuition is a notable, if not incredible, CD of 14 tracks (18 on the deluxe edition) which span contemporary R&B, pop, and dance sounds. David is in solid vocal form throughout, though he isn?t given the chance to flex his skills as much as in the past. As a co-writer on all of the tracks?working with over 20 collaborators?he has managed to keep his signature sound intact, yet there is a certain freshness missing at times. Given his long absence from the mainstream, he has been tasked with creating a sound both reminiscent of his early hits and relevant to modern times. What this translates to is, in most cases, of firm melodic merit. While the production is sonically impressive, however, it might prove a bit disappointing to longtime fans expecting a certain eclecticism found on his previous albums. Highlights of Following My Intuition include ?When the Bassline Drops,? a joint effort with rapper Big Narstie which harkens fondly back to 1999?s ?Re-Rewind,? the Artful Dodger Track which thrust David into the UK spotlight. Adding a bit of grit with a slightly more minimalist vibe, ?Bassline? was the initial spark to David?s solo return late last year, when it reached the top 10 of Britain?s singles chart. On a softer note, the cogitative ?All We Needed? is a simple but affecting ballad which stands out as one of the set?s most vulnerable and meaningful moments. ?So lay me down in the water and let me drown, don?t let my feet touch the ground,? he sings in a delicate tenor performance befitting the understated, piano-geared arrangement. More uptempo, and nicely forging urban-contemporary beats with pop guitar work, the modestly anthemic ?Louder Than Words? finds David in an ideal performance element as he combines his rhyme-styled vocal nuances (during the verses) with a traditional melodic treatment (via the chorus) seamlessly. Furthermore, the lyrically nostalgic ?What If? in fact channels the feeling of several gems from Born to Do It with production that brings to mind his work with Mark Hill on his biggest hits. Daydreams of yesteryear aside, the melody?s structure coupled with the layered harmonies is pure and unaffected. The deluxe edition holds additional noteworthy moments. ?No Holding Back,? a recent single with Dutch DJ Hardwell, smoothly assimilates an R&B sensibility into a deep house-inspired EDM track. Once again, David?s stamp of rhythmically full phrases balanced with memorable hooks makes the cut more than your average dance floor number. Also, ?Here with Me? is a summery club swinger with across-the-board appeal. There are several occasions on Following My Intuition when David and his producers fall a little short. ?16,? a redux of ?Fill Me In? set to Jack U?s recent dance hit ?Where Are U Now,? comes off as formulaic and unnecessary (though he proves he hasn?t lost his rapping skills). Meanwhile, the reductive wording and predictable production of ?Like a Fan? is below standard for an artist of his caliber. As for the remainder of the CD, the songs are skillfully composed and ably produced. Much of it has the potential to resonate with longtime listeners and also draw in a new fan base. The only weak link is that David does seem to be ?holding back? (pun intended) vocally at times to be on the safe side of commercial appeal. Given that this is his first high-profile release in over half a decade, perhaps it?s wise for him to err on the side of caution once in awhile in order to increase the likelihood of a shorter gap between this album and his next. All and all, though, he?s done a commendable job of crafting a consistent set that ties together some of the many things he does well as a writer and artist. Let?s just hope he finds the freedom to branch outside of the box some more next time. Recommended. by Justin KantorConnect with Justin on Twitter. Album Image: Click on CD cover to listen or purchaseAlbum Buy Link: Comments: 1
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World Premiere: Bahama Soul Club has 'No Words' for us in cool video

Featured: 1(October 24, 2016) German soul and Latin jazz combo Bahama Soul Club knows how to create an environment. And they give that cool 50?s hip jazz vibe on their newest single, ?No Words,? featuring soul singer Brenda Boykin. The song is the first release from the upcoming album, Havana ?58, which is due on November 11.Facebook Comments: 1
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Worship Journal (album review)

Artist: Fred HammondFeatured: 0List Ranking: 0Review: Fred Hammond - Worship Journal A few weeks ago, I pleasantly stumbled on a local radio station?s brief but very special tribute towards two 80?s and 90?s gospel giants, The Winans and Commissioned. Those groups blazed a gospel trail with their R&B and funk flavored praise, following the already groundbreaking ministries of Andrae Crouch and The Hawkins from the previous decade. Thanks to a 2002 reunion CD & DVD, Commissioned?s strong contemporary gospel imprint was greeted with crossover success in Billboard?s Top 10 in the contemporary Christian and urban market. In retrospect, it came as absolutely no surprise that the contributions from Commissioned alumni Fred Hammond (who also played bass guitar with The Winans) would rub off on his own ministry, successfully extending this rhythm and praise vibe into today?s gospel culture. And his track record since he first stepped into the gospel arena as a teenager remains an enduring testimony in the music industry, period. After leaving Commissioned in 1994, Hammond secured a solo career and formed Radical for Christ, where his achievements in enhancing the body of Christ grew in epic proportions garnering Stellar, Dove and Grammy Awards. From songwriting (?Let the Praise Begin,? ?Somethin? Bout Love?), to production and arranging, especially on the standard hymns, ?This is the Day? and ?When the Spirit of the Lord,? Hammond manages to stir pieces of Commissioned?s vibe while staying attuned with the current urban music culture. In this current generation, through his rich urban peppered praise, this Detroit native inspired fellow gospel messengers like Brian Courtney Wilson, Kim Burrell and Israel Houghton to usher in the Spirit of the Lord with pure excellence. Now on his 13th solo release and his first live recording since Pages of Live II with R.F.C., Worship Journal introduces some fresh hymns for the church body delivered with Hammond?s definitive expressive touch. Recorded in front of a sold-out audience at Fountain of Praise in Houston, Texas, Hammond and his backing choir immediately establish a wonderful bond, backed by a winning band led by longtime musical partners, Calvin Rodgers and Phillip Feaster. Overall, there is a respectable mix of tempos and moods that make Worship Journal a must listen. ?Always Praise? sets a fervent tone with hand clapping, drum pounding anthem capped by rock guitar edges. The first single, ?Father Jesus Spirit,? drops a disco-tinged sing-along that offers one of Hammond?s several emphatic stamps of urban praise, fluid melodies and snappy turntable scratching. Giving props to some R&B/soul heroes who have recently passed in Prince and Maurice White from Earth, Wind and Fire, ?John 3:16? feeds off a contagious vocal hook and mid-tempo funky brass. Psalms 34:8 is the backdrop for ?The Lord is Good,? filled with smooth rhythms, touches of jazz from the horns and a delicious instrumental jam for the closing. While Worship Journal nearly scores on all levels, there are mixed results with previously written material. One of the few sour notes results in a lackluster rendition of Vineyard Worship?s, ?More Love, More Power.? However, there is musical redemption surrounding the simplicity of ?Call on the Name of The Lord? by Integrity Music?s Jared Anderson, radiating a pleasing country feel in the three-part harmonies. On the gentler, yet still effective worship side of Worship Journal, the well-paced ballad, ?God is Our Refuge? meshes elements of rock and Hammond?s super soulful exhortations of ?Can?t depend on my own might,? ushering about two minutes of a joyful congregational response. Though ?Take Care of You? drowns in a few monotonous refrains, the unique hip-hop edgings and sampled loops of the R&B classic, ?Ooh La La La,? saves the track, capped off with brief congregational participation over a sizzling high-hat and electric piano vamp. The immaculate orchestrations and storytelling of ?One Touch,? eloquently recounts the account in Luke 8 of the woman touching the hem of His garment. Despite the small bumps on Worship Journal, Hammond and the supporting cast remain fully connected to their fellow worshippers at Fountain of Praise. As he continues to carry the urban gospel torch passed on by The Winans and Commissioned and those before them, Hammond unquestionably remains a strong and influential force in today?s praise and worship world. Strongly Recommended. By Peggy Oliver Album Image: Click on CD cover to listen or purchaseAlbum Buy Link: Comments: 1
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First Listen: Valerie Ghent delivers a "Love Divine"

Featured: 0(October 24, 2016) Valerie Ghent earned her musical chops touring with such musical legends as Ashford & Simpson and Deborah Harry, and the native New Yorker hasn?t stopped running ever since. She?s issued four acclaimed CDs on her own, while being a ?go to? recording engineer for dozens of other top recording artists.Facebook Comments: 1
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First Listen: Lloyd returns with an aim that is 'Tru'

Featured: 0(October 24, 2016) Lloyd may have been out of the music game since 2011, but since he debuted with teen group N-Toon a decade before then, the New Orleans native, compared to his peers, is actually a vet.Facebook Comments: 1
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